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Visitor Guidelines

  • Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m and 1:30 p.m. - 05:00 p.m             
  •         (But No Closing Time on Celebration of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva’s day each month)
  • Please dress neatly and modestly. No shorts or flip-flops inside the monastery.
  • Pets (except guide dogs), meat and non-vegetarian foods are not allowed inside the monastery. Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages or chewing betel nuts are prohibited inside the monastery.
  • Please do not litter, spit or leave cigarette butts on ground.
  • For the safety and privacy of our visitors, flycams or camera drones are strictly prohibited on the Monastery premises at all times.
  • Visiting the Monastery Halls
  • To preserve the peace and tranquility of the monastery, please maintain silence in the monastery halls. Please silence your mobile phones before entering the monastery and tour in silence.
  • No food, water or drink allowed in the monastery halls.
  • Please do not touch any Buddhist statues, Dharma instruments or works of art.



Dream a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival for all children

For a long time, the Mid-Autumn Festival has become one of the important holidays that one of us is eagerly looking forward to, the moment all the family members gather around the lamp and break the fire. This is also an opportunity for adults to show their care and attention to their children by taking the children to go shopping for candles, candies and Mid-Autumn Festival fun toys. For the conditional home, parents are willing to spend large sums of money to hire lion dances, lion dance to entertain their children, or just b

 In the cold air of the end of August, the streets and streets have begun to be decorated with colorful lanterns, moon-filled mooncakes stores, Have fun or the shopping center rushed to work on the outside shooting area, all together signaling another mid-autumn season again.      

   But somewhere in the countryside, their childhood does not have a lot of modern, expensive toys just around the corner in a small village with a few friends of age, playing simple games, nothing new. There is only a basketball, a soft cloth wrapped around a soft sheet, or an old canvas cloth into a unicorn, with the drums from the barrels, not interesting games, no stars, fish Copy, do not know what moon cake is, or just know that moon cake is the moon cake or advertising on the radio. For this place,The Mid-Autumn Festival is the best full moon, some three with a few cans of cows milk, cans of beer, cans of fresh water for making lanterns, one for running bonbon, one for holding hands, going from end to end. Neighbors, just go and sing a few songs repeatedly, the elder brother and sister passed the transmission. "Mid-Autumn Festival procession lights go out, I pick up the lights around the streets," " Take your child to go to heaven, bow down to your mother, go home, goat go to school, frog at home, chicken by the soil, pounding, Sit down here.

     Mid-autumn that year, the evening moon night, the wind gently blew through, bringing a pleasant feeling, pleasant. When the moonlight just appeared behind the old meditation roof, the long canopy of forest crowds across the Nung neighborhood and lighted down the old canal trees, acknowledged in the moonlight year That night was the brightest, the brightest and the most beautiful. The Buddhists are holding each other's hut together to bring the cake to the yard, the tea to prepare tea meditation sessions, parents, teachers, and also the birthday surprise for the teacher.


Happily, my first birthday, on the night of the brotherly fraternity, that teacher, he had the wish that he would devote all his love to the far end of his birthday. This is the Zen Meditation, creating a useful playground with lanterns, mooncakes, music and lion dances during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The mid-autumn seasons of the years after 75, grew up during the shifting state of the country to new pages, the time when the rice was not enough to eat, the clothes were not enough to wear, As narrated as in fairy tales. That urged him to do something with the children. And now is the wish, make the birthday of the Buddhist gentleman for his master become more practical dye more dharma. The full moon of August, 2017, he hopes that this will share more than 10,000 children in any circumstances have a happy moon cake moon cake, lanterns, lion dance, singing, dancing, fun with the students in the Ho Phap Vien -  Vien Giac Thien Tu.

The timetable for sharing with students is from August 4 to August 25, 2017 for the following areas:

Children's Hospital I expects 500 children

Children's Hospital II expects 500 children

Pediatrics - Ho Chi Minh City Hospital estimated 500 children

Hematological Hospital of HCMC expected 200 children

Binh Phuoc province expects 1,000 children

Binh Duong province expects 1,000 children

Binh Thuan province expects 1,000 children

Long An province expects 1,000 children

Tien Giang province expects 1,000 children

Lam Dong province expects 1,000 children

And on August 15th at the Vien Giac Meditation Hall - full Moon Festival for children in Trang Bom district, Dong Nai province.

I hope that you all share this joy with the students together with the Jade Buddha Meditation. Because this year's wish for the children is quite large, I hope the sharing of Buddhist, "contributor, contributor" for the program to complete the full.

All information for the Buddhist program please contact directly through the office of Vien Giac Then Tu Meditation 0251. 2686827 - 0251. 2686837 or contact directly Headquarters - Sa Mon Thich Giac Hieu 0903 952 066

Feel the merits of the Buddhist.